Chip Chops

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Chip Chops Dog Treats

Created with love and packed with flavor. Fulfill your dogs wish with Chip Chops dog treats. Chip Chops has goodness with nutritional benefits for your dog’s well being. Comes in 14 super-tasty flavours from Banana Chips with Chicken, Chicken Chips Coins, Chicken & Codfish Sandwich, Chicken Tenders, Sun Dried Chicken Jerky, Biscuit Twined with Chicken, Roast Duck Strips, Chicken & Codfish Rolls, Chicken & Calcium Bone, Diced Chicken Fish on Stick, Roast Chicken Strips, Chicken Sausages and Sweet Potato with Chicken to delight every dog’s taste buds. Made from fresh meat with no added sugar, these treats are rich on meat content and high on proteins. Fresh meaty goodness coupled with nutritious benefits make Chip Chops super-tasty and highly digestible for your dog. And they come in attractive resealable bag to keep the treats fresh and moisture free. Suitable for feeding as a snack between meals or a reward for being good or to shower your dog with love in the form of Chip Chops delicious treats.