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How Our Reward Program Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Puprise Rewards Program?

It’s very simple – You earn points for shopping from us.

The Puprise Rewards Program is all about rewarding its clients in return for their loyalty. At Puprise Rewards, we reward your loyalty with points on every purchase you make on Puprise. Your Loyalty is Valuable to us!

How do I earn reward points?

As a member you earn reward point on every purchase you make on Puprise to spend on the future orders. Points are automatically added to your account after each finish purchase.

For every ₹10 spend you get 1 reward point

In addition, there are many more ways to earn bonus rewards points.

How do I redeem reward points?

Points may be redeemed on all product purchases on Puprise. Real-time point redemption is available in the cart. You will be asked if you wish to redeem all available points on the payment page during checkout.

You get ₹10 discount for every 100 points used

Best part of Puprise Reward Program – Your reward points never expires as long as you make one purchase in a year!!

How long my points will be valid?

We keep your earned points valid, as long as you make a single purchase in a calendar year. Puprise Rewards memberships with no purchase activity in twelve consecutive months will terminate and accrued points will be forfeited.

How does Puprise track my money spent and points earned?

All your eligible purchases on Puprise will be tracked via your member account. Ensure you earn points for everything you purchase by making sure you are signed in when you checkout online.

How do I know, what points I will earn for a purchase?

For each product listed on Puprise, you will see points you will earn on making the purchase of that product. In addition, you will also see total points you will earn on making a successful purchase, during the checkout process.

How will I know when I've earned points?

Puprise will send you an email notification of your earned points within 5 business days of accrual. In addition, you can login to your member account anytime to view your current points balance, on the “My Account” page.

How can I track my purchases and points earned?

You can track all your purchases and points earned by logging into your member account. Go to the “My Account” page, and then click on “Puprise Rewards” on the menu to the left, and under the “My Point History” you will find all your points transactions.

How many points do I have?

In order to view your current points balance, log-in to your member account and click on “Puprise Rewards” on the left hand navigation menu.

Do I still get points, if I make purchase as a guest user (without becoming a member)?

NO, its not possible to obtain points on purchase made as a guest user.
You need to be a registered member to earn points. Make sure you are signed in when you checkout online, to ensure you earn points for everything you purchase on Puprise.

Are there any eligibility criteria to become a member of Puprise Rewards Program?

No purchase is necessary to become a member of our Puprise Rewards Program. Just an email address is required for a member to receive Puprise Rewards communications.

Terms & Conditions

– Participation in Puprise Rewards Program is free and open to Indian residents only
– Points can only be applied to the Puprise Rewards membership belonging to the individual making the purchase on Puprise
– Anytime you purchase on Puprise, you will receive points that will be redeemable towards a future orders
– Points will be posted to your account after successful completion of each order and will be eligible to redeem for future purchases
– Points are not earned on the portion of a purchase that points are used as form of payment
– Points are automatically deducted from your account when used toward a purchase
– Points earned will be adjusted for all returned and refunded products
– Point calculations are based upon rupees spent at checkout on eligible purchases less any rupee spent on taxes or shipping charges applied at the time of purchase
– Points are not awarded for rupees spent on Puprise Gift Cards
– Points have no cash value
– Points are non-transferable to other Puprise Rewards member
– Points cannot be earned from purchases made prior to signing up as a member
– Puprise, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to change the program rules, terms, conditions and limitations, or to cancel the program entirely at any time without prior notification
– If Puprise terminates the program, remaining point balances will be forfeited