Wet Food

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Wet Cat Food: Pates, Mousse, Chunks in Gravy, Minced, Flaked or Shredded in Jelly or Broth

Give your cat and kitten the food that's specially formulated to meet their unique nutritional needs. For many cat parents wet cat food is the most nutritious meal option for their kitty. Unlike dogs and other omnivores, cats are true carnivores, meaning they love and require a diet that is rich in meat, as they have higher protein requirements than many other mammals. Wet cat food offers a rich source of animal protein that your cuddly kitties crave and deserve. 
Water is crucial to a feline's overall health and to ensure proper hydration. Wild prey contains around 75% of water, cats have evolved to obtain much of their water needs through the food they eat. Cats have a natural tendency to not drink enough water on their own to keep them hydrated. The high moisture content in canned wet food, is its greatest advantage. By simply adding canned cat food to your furry feline friend's daily diet you can avoid her from getting dehydrated. 
To ensure optimal health of your frisky feline, incorporate high quality healthy wet cat food into her daily diet. As canned cat food offers higher protein than the regular dry cat foods, mixing in some tasty wet cat food into the dry cat food will help in increasing palatability. This option can be a great way to provide your cat with a complete balanced diet. Canned wet cat foods are offered in a wide variety of protein sources available in minced cat food, chunks in gravy cat food, pates or mousse cat food, loaf style cat food and flaked or shredded cat food in jelly. In addition, organic, grain-free and natural cat food options are also available, you'll find everything needed to keep your kitty happy and healthy.
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