Veterinary Diets

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Veterinary Diet Cat Food or Prescription Cat Food - Weight Management or Obesity, Diabetes Care, Urinary Tract Health or Struvite Care, Cardiac Support or Renal Care, Kidney Care, Liver Support or Hepatic Care, Skin and Coat Care, Hairball Control, Digestive Support, Gastrointestinal & More

Your feline may need specialized care to help manage a disease or illness. You can address your cat's specific health issues by including prescription cat food or veterinary cat food to her daily diet. These formulas typically require a prescription from your pet’s veterinarian and are used as part of your pet's health plan under the supervision of a professional vet. Unlike the regular cat food, prescription feline formulas are developed in accordance to your cat’s age, breed, lifestyle, and particularly to treat health conditions. These cat veterinary diets are non-replaceable because they help in coping with medical conditions. 
There are multiple types of veterinary cat food available to choose from prescription dry cat food or prescription wet cat food to even prescription cat treats. Each of the veterinary cat food recipes are formulated by veterinary nutritionists and backed by scientific research with proven clinically tested results to treat a specific health condition of your feline friend.
Some of the health concerns that can benefit from a prescription diet are,
Weight Management or Obesity/Diabetes Care: Works on cat’s metabolism to reduce body fat, maintains lean muscle mass, and keeps cats feeling satisfied between meals.
Urinary Tract Health or Struvite Care: Dissolves struvite stones, promotes bladder health by providing the right balance of minerals, and supports a strong immune system.
Cardiac Support or Renal Care: Coadjuvant for the treatment of congestive cardiac insufficiency, reduces the symptoms due to renal insufficiency and supports chronic or temporary renal insufficiency
Kidney Care: Helps stimulate appetites, increases caloric intake, protects proper functioning of kidney and heart, and supports building of lean muscle.
Liver Support or Hepatic Care: Support liver function for chronic liver insufficiency, reduces toxic effects on liver cells, and compensate metabolic dysfunction
Skin and Coat Care or Hairball Control: Root out the food-related causes of skin irritation, promotes a healthy skin barrier, and has limited ingredients to support food sensitivities.
Digestive Support or Gastrointestinal: Supports regularity and bowel health, promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, and replaces lost nutrients.  
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