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Sheba cat food range

Sheba Cat Food

Give your kitty Sheba cat food and treats prepared to deliver tasty flavors and high nutrition they need. Each Sheba wet cat food uses meat or seafood made without grain, with no artificial flavors or preservatives, so you can feel good about serving it at every meal.

Sheba Rich wet cat food pouches is made with mouthwatering ingredients, pairing premium meat or seafood with vegetables. Sheba Deluxe canned cat food cuts in gravy or jelly are meaty meals of chicken, tuna, salmon, prawns, crabs and other fish and seafood smothered in a savory gravy. Sheba Melty cat treats are tender creamy paste in sticks made from real meat that can be used for rewarding or in between meal snacking for your kitty. Choose from a variety of flavors to give your feline friend a creamy treat.

Whether you have a kitten, adult or senior cat, Sheba wet cat food is sure to satisfy even the pickiest appetite. Sheba makes it easy for your cat to live life deliciously. Shop Sheba's collection at Puprise for meals and snacks your cat will love.