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Whiskas cat food range

Whiskas Cat Food

Since 1958, Whiskas has served millions of cats, a delicious meal every day. And from very beginning they have been working to make Whiskas cat food even better without making any compromise in its nutritional value. With a history of more than 50 years, Whiskas is one of the most popular household cat food brand across the world.
Whiskas believes that a cat knows exactly what they want when it comes to food. That is why they put all their passion and knowledge into the cat meals they cater. Whiskas feline recipes for adult cats is developed in a way that your cat gets everything she needs for an active and lead a healthy life. Whereas, Whiskas kitten food recipes are created by keeping the development needs of your kitten in mind so that they have a faster growth. And the meals for older senior cats have been developed in such a way that they are easy to digest. With Whiskas your kitty has a long and happy life.
Surprise your cat in every meal with one of the many tasty variations of Whiskas. From smooth pate to crunchy kibble, Whiskas offers wide range that has a feast for every cat to purr!