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5 Ways to Care Your Pet During Lock-down

While everyone is staying indoors during the corona virus pandemic to flatten the curve, our pets are also being forced to do the same. Self-isolating can be as difficult and stressful for pets as it is for their owners.

1. Substitute Outdoor Activities With Indoor Ones

Just like humans, dogs can experience stress or even depression if they are cooped up inside for too long.

Corona virus is a blessing in disguise, especially for people who leave their pets alone to venture out for work they can spend more time with their pets. You must entertain your dogs by substituting outdoor activities with indoor ones. You may play fetch at home with your dogs or even take them up and down the stairs & do some exercise with stairs. If you have a home with limited space then you can play tug of war or hide and seek instead. You can even bond with your furry companions with DIY puzzle games, which you can find online. You may use a torch to make a light spot dart around the room and let your cat indulge her passion for ‘hunting’ it. Place three plastic cups upside-down on the floor and hide a treat under one of the cups. Move the cups around each other while your dog watches the movements. Then see if he can find the cup with his reward. The veterinarian suggests that work from home is a great opportunity for you to teach your pet new tricks and bond with them during this lock-down. 

2. Ration Pet Food, In Case Of Unavailability

Since the entire nation is on lock-down, pet stores mostly many pet supplies stores are closed. With hysteria taking over, many people go out on a panic-buying spree and empty the shelves of the pet shops and pet aisles at grocery stores. During this time, you might find yourself curbing food portions of your pet to make sure your supply lasts. With reduced exercise, your pets won’t be able to burn many calories. So cut down on their food servings and try a low-fat diet also it is important to stock food for couple of months so that you don’t run out of your pet supplies. Consider using online pet stores instead of physical ones to minimize contact. This includes pet food, grooming materials etc.

3. Take Care Of Pet Grooming

Pet care and grooming are important every time. Grooming services may be inaccessible in near future too. So, for pets with long hair or nails that need regular trimming, you’re going to have to do it yourself. Remember to be careful with grooming equipment such as scissors to avoid injuring yourself and your pet. 

You can extra pamper your pet during this time. Wash the paws of your dogs after you get them back home from a walk. Social distancing is also applicable to your furry companions, so do make sure they don’t come in close contact with other animals or people outside. So do practice basic hygiene and make sure they don’t go close to an unknown person or animal. You may use shampoos and sprays. If you don’t have access to these products now, use a mix of organic neem oil and organic coconut oil & massage it all over your pet and leave to soak for about 15 minutes. Wash off with a pet shampoo. Ideally, use a rubber hand glove, as it’s easy to use, works as a good massage to the skin and also imitates the action of petting & will also improve coat condition of your pet.

4. Take Care Of Oral Hygiene

Looking after your dog’s teeth is a vital part of keeping them happy and healthy overall. Dogs’ teeth need care just like ours do, which is why conscientious owners must provide dental gels, toothbrushes, and tooth-cleaning treats to help keep plaque at bay. Brush your pet’s teeth with a child’s toothbrush and pet toothpaste or wrap a cloth on your finger and use it to gently clean the teeth. Try to massage the gums with your bare fingers. This can be done alternate days, depending on the comfort and temperament of your pet and time available with you. Treat them with dental treats.

5. Know Where To Take Your Pet In Case Of An Emergency

Keep in touch with your vet over the phone, and call them if you see any symptoms of sickness. Make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date. Most pet owners can assess the urgency of a condition via video consultation. A pet care tip during lock-down would be to keep a list handy of nearby veterinary clinics that are open, (along with their contact information) in case of an emergency. Stick that list may be on your door or refrigerator so that its easily available.

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