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Fun Things To Try This Weekend With Your Cat

Cats are not active as dogs but this does not mean that they do not want quality time with their family. Our feline friends can get easily irritated if you do not give proper attention to them. Cats have a very joyful nature as they want entertainment all the time. Our cats do not know the reason why we are at home form the past many days, but this means for them extra cuddles and attention. For your kitty’s health and for your family’s happiness, here are few fun things that you can try with your cat to spend some quality time.

1. Go on a walk with your cat

Going on a walk with your cat is the best way to give them mental, emotional, and physical stimulation along with exercise. This is not possible for your cat while staying home because other cats walk all day outside. While going on a walk with your cat just takes care of her safety completely. Keep away your cat from a person who is walking with his dog or any other pet. If there is sufficient distance than there will is no chance of physical connection between animals.

2. Make a cardboard box

Most cats like small as well as a secure place to live so there is no match if you make a cardboard box for her. There are some reasons why cats hide in small boxes that are warmth, security, to stay away from predators, or just for a quiet nap. To make a cat cardboard box you will need some boxes that you have saved and open it from top or bottom. Put the boxes from the opening side facing each other and then tie with tape and you will get a beautiful cardboard box for your cat.

3. Teach your cat amazing things

You have an option to teach your cat some amazing things. Cats are not much active but this does not mean they cannot learn how to sit, stand, or jump. The easy as well as a simple thing that you can teach you cat is to respond to its name. Do not get shocked that the cat can pronounce her name. Yes, she can do it. Just remember when cats are trained the verbal and physical praise, petting, stroking are included.

4. Watch TV with your kitty

It is surprising to know that how much cat loves watching TV. You and your cat can enjoy watching TV (about birds, rodents, and fish) with some cuddles. It is the best way to remove boredom for you as well as for your cat. While watching the TV with your cat make sure they does not pounce as it may break the screen of your TV. Your cat is living all day home so the TV can be the best entertainment resource for your kitty as well as now a day for you also. In this way, you will get to spend some quality time with your pet.

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