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7 Easy Home Made Toys for Your Dog

Dogs never like to sit idle, they are proactive and love to play. They are always in motion. The best time pass for a dog is to chew anything that comes their way, and they love to turn toys into pieces. If they don’t get anything to engage them, they get bored, and boredom could lead to serious illness. So, here is a list of few easy homemade toys to keep your canine friend busy and have fun.

#1. Tennis Ball Dog Puzzle

Take a sharp knife and cut a slit into tennis ball and pop few treat inside. Put your dog’s favorite treats inside the ball. Ensure that the hole opens, when your dog chews the ball. Dogs will feel happy when they are able to open the hole and get a treat. This will keep your doggie engaged for a long time.

#2. Empty Plastic Bottle Toy

Playing with plastic bottle is a great fun for dogs. Remove the cap and plastic ring around the neck of bottle. Wrap a cloth around the bottle and tie from both sides. You can also use old socks. Your dog will enjoy the crinkly crackling sound of the bottle every time he chews it. Supervise serious chewers as they may break the bottle and swallow the pieces of plastic.

#3. Newspaper Ball

It is one of the easiest toys to make at home, but the dog will rip it to shreds in no time. However, it will be a great fun. Take sheets of newspaper and bind them together into a big ball. Make sure the ball is big enough to not get choked on. Toss it and the dogs have so much fun ripping into it.

#4. Stuffed Bone Dog Toy

Cut out some pieces of fabric in shape of bone and then stitch them together, stuff it with cotton or small pieces of cloth and finish sewing. It can be made fairly quickly, if you draw the pattern and then cut through several lengths of fabric at once. As dogs are fond of bones, it will keep your pet engaged for long hours.

#5. Carrot in Sock Toy

It is very simple to make this toy. Take an old washed sock and snack a carrot in half. Put the carrot pieces in the sock. And tie a knot on mouth of the sock. This is perfect toy for puppies as they love chewing and enjoy playing with it, while costing you nothing.

#6. Puppy Play House

Take a large wooden or cardboard box. Cut two holes that can be used as doorways for your dog, and give it a shape of small house. It’s an awesome toy for little puppies, you can’t even imagine, how much they will enjoy it. He will play hide and seek, he will run in and out. He can also own it as his house to sleep or simply sit inside.

#7. Braided Fabric Dog Toy

You can easily find leftover cloth shards at a nearby fabric store. Cut few strips of about 2 inches wide and around 25 inches long. Place few strips and tie their ends together and start braiding to the end. This will be an amazing toy and your dog will love to chew and play with it.

You can use any of the above ideas or use your creativity to make other interesting toys. As the dogs have a tendency to destroy things it is a good idea to make cheep toys at homes. And your used-up things will also be up-cycled to use again.

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