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4 Tips for Raising a Puppy

For all you folks who recently got little pups as pets. If you are a first-timer and recently got into raising this cute little friend of yours, the following few tips might be handy and useful.

1. Care is all I care about

Raising a pup can be an incredible experience and yes, demands lot of efforts. It is in some sense also like raising your own little child. During the nascent phase, puppies need constant care and attention. Dogs use their taste buds and smelling senses to learn about new things. They are curious about every little thing strolling in the house. And you would certainly not want your little pup to fall in trouble with electric wires or a coin stuck in its throat. So keep a good supervision.

2. Give me my space

It is important that your puppy has sufficient space to stretch itself and roam about; while still studying things under your supervision. Try involving the puppy in areas where the family spends most of the time. This will assist and accelerate the bonding and also keep familiar family smells around your puppy all the time. Get some interesting goodies and toys for your puppy along with a bowl of water for refreshment.

3. Yes, I am cute

Puppies are cute and adorable and I’m sure you know this by now. But don’t get overruled by their “cuteness factor”. It is vital that they are taught the basic do’s and don’ts right from the budding stage. If you think that your puppy has done something that might form into a bad habit, you should discourage it. It might be initially difficult for you when you look into the sad eyes of your puppy but believe me forgiving the puppy might not be ideal.

4. Who’s the Master

Dogs are naturally hierarchical pack animals where the dominant member is at the top of the pack and other submissive members follow. So, if you do not assert this dominance early on, the puppy might be the new ruler of your home. Make yourself the dominant member and then your puppy will look to you for approval, direction and guidance. All you need is to be consistently firm with bad behaviour and praise your pup for good conduct.

Nurturing a puppy is a really beautiful experience. There will be tremendous satisfaction when your dog grows to maturity as a well-rounded member of the family. So Happy Raising!!

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