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Why Dogs Bark: Common Reasons

How do you feel when your dog starts barking, when you are having an important phone call or when you are sleeping at night? It becomes annoying when your dog barks continuously, and you don’t understand the cause. But barking of dogs is a necessary evil as it helps them to converse and show their emotions, besides keeping strangers away and protect us.

It is natural for a dog to bark. No one can expect a dog to keep quiet and always sit silently. Barking of a dog is a form of communication. You need to understand this language and find out why they bark in order to stop them from barking. Following are some reasons that stimulate a dog to bark.

Greeting – Your pooch love you more than anything in this world. Dogs get excited to see their owners, they start barking just to show their feelings and gratitude. They just simply want their share of ownership and love from you, without which they might feel low.

To communicate – It is natural for a dog to start barking whenever they see any other dog and it is their way of communication. Your little four-legged friend has matters to solve with their fellows and it is a big deal for them.

Fear – Sometimes dogs start barking when they get afraid or startled by something. That is the reason why a lot of dogs bark at night. When they are too much afraid the barking increases. Your pooch is like a small kid, who has his own fears and insecurities in this world.

Territorial – Every dog likes to own space and defend it. They are king of their little self-assumed kingdom. Dogs are very possessive when it comes to their home. They don’t like any intruders. When anyone enters into their space it triggers excessive barking. It’s a sign of aggression and intimidation to intruder.

Boredom – Dogs are active animals. They want to socialize like we do, therefore when a dog has nothing to do or left alone inside the home or not provided with adequate exercise, they start barking to release the pent-up energy. Dogs don’t have movies to watch or video games to play, they just need someone to accompany them.

Depression – When dogs feel anxiety or depression they bark excessively. Dogs are social animals and get emotionally attached to their owners. And when they feel separated they start feeling dejected, which results in barking.

Confinement – When a dog is left alone for a long time in a locked room, or in a crate, or restricted tethering outdoors, or an enclosed yard without proper shelter, it can frustrate him and cause excessive barking. Just like humans, dogs too don’t like captivity.

Noises – The sound of passing cars, thunder lighting, busting of firecrackers, ringing of the phone or doorbell can trigger barking. A dog may not bark at accustomed sounds but any unfamiliar sound can cause him bark.

However, excessive barking could be a psychological problem and it can be treated. With proper training, their habits can be changed easily. A dog is part of your life and it’s your responsibility to make him smart and cheerful.

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