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Shopping Guidelines: For Buying an Ideal Dog House

If you are searching for a dog house and facing some challenges in making the right decision then here is your guide for choosing the ideal dog house for your best friend!!

There are numerous ideas available on the internet today but, before selecting DIY stuff or ready-made dog house check some fundamental considerations for your pooch.

Size Does Matters

Talking in context of the size, it is clear indication towards the size of your pooch, the present size as well as the standard size of the fully grown adult. You must be careful that the house is not too big when he is small pup and not too short when he grows up as adult. Again, bigger is not always better, so it should be an optimized size. Enough for your doggie to turn around in it and to lie down completely stretched out. Also, before you buy or build the right house try doing a mock-test using cardboard, as it can help you in customizing the real house.

An adequately sized door is also important to consider to let your hound enter and exit without facing much hassle. However, on the other hand, make sure its size does not get overexposed to heat or cold. Even if requires a little ducking to enter it does not matter for the bow-wow, as they loves to duck. So choose a relevant size doorway for the dog house.

The Right Material Choice

Apart from choosing the right size of the dog house, it is necessary to select the material like wood, plastic or metal. Material selection shall be on the intended usages and the surroundings. The plastic is easy to transport because of the lighter weight they possess and ease of keeping. They are also less expensive option. And are most common choice if you travel often along with your pet. The metal houses are also known as ‘boxes’ are a temporary house for the dogs, but few use it on an all-round basis. Although, not the best option in hot weather conditions, as they get heated up quickly. Wooden dog houses are the popular ones, as they are sustainable, all weather proof and low on maintenance. However, they required decent space and are not mobile.

Comfort Of The Couch

Dogs are not couch potatoes as they like to walk and play, but they also need suitable comfort around. That’s why it is important to have proper bedding inside the dog house. Moisture-proof foam pad works well for bedding as they absorb the moisture and make it mites, mould, mildew and insects free. Some dogs tend to chew the mat, and in that case, you can cover the bed with a layer of cedar shavings or else go for chew proof bedding.

An Adequate Ventilation

Every house needs proper ventilation for adequate air circulation. And your doggie house is no exception, they also need sufficient ventilation all round the clock. Especially during winters, poor ventilation can lead to excessive moisture and can cause difficulty in breathing. The doorway opening is undoubtedly a source of ventilation, but with few holes on sides or top is an additional advantage for an optimized breathing comfort.

Whether you are plan to build or shop dog house online or directly from a store, you must try to create the environment that brings happiness to your pooch.  Like humans, dogs as our companion also need a house to feel comfortable and safe. Ensuring your pooch to stay in a relaxed and suitable place to shelter will multiply your portion of love and care for them!!

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