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Types of Dog Beds: Choosing the Right One

If your dog loves his nap time just like other dogs, chances are that you may find him on your own bed or any other comfy spot in your house. When the nap time takes 50% of your dog’s day, don’t you think he deserves his own cozy bed?

Why having a dog bed is essential?

Many people think dogs can sleep anywhere, but your pooch certainly shouldn’t be sleeping on the floor. Irrespective to dog’s size and breed, a dog bed is important for their health and wellbeing. The truth is, dogs need beds just like we do, and they are beneficial for a variety of reasons.

  • Dogs love curling up in order to keep themselves warm and feel protected as they sleep. And a dog bed provides them both warmth and security, while keeping them comfortable.
  • Clumps of fur can be certainly messy. Dog’s tendency to shed fur, might be an issue, which makes it a dire need to have a bed. Does making it easy to clean their beds instead of all places in your home.
  • Having a comfy bed to sleep, acts as a cushion for the older and larger breed of dogs. It prevents external injury and gives a balmy effect on their bones and joints.

Having said that, finding the right dog bed can get a little tricky. You have to consider the age, sex, breed, size and sleeping habits of your pooch.

How to choose the right bed for your dog?

  • Consider your dog’s age and breed while getting a dog bed for him. Larger breed of canines tend to sleep up to 18 hours a day. So do the dogs who are old and less physically active.
  • Notice your dog’s sleeping style – whether he loves snuggling up or sleeping on his back, can tell a lot about the sleeping behavior. While getting a bed, measure your dog from head to end of tail and get a bed slightly bigger than that. This gives your dog unrestricted movement and comfort.
  • Consider the type of material while buying the perfect bed, while small dogs can pretty much adjust, older dogs might need a more cushiony bed.

Various types of dog beds

While there are a lot of sorts of dog beds available in the market, the best ones as per your dog’s requirements, can be chosen from below:

  • Bolster or Lounger Dog Bed: Ideal for larger breed of dogs, like a Boxer or a Bull Terrier, you can consider this kind of bed. The pillows give additional comfort to your doggy.
  • Nesting or Donut Dog Bed: This one is for the little puppies and smaller breed of dogs like Havanese or Pomeranian. Your fur-baby will surely enjoy her nap time.
  • Orthopedic Dog Bed: Ideal for old or arthritic dogs, this type of bed provides extra cushiony comfort to their joints and bones.
  • Furniture Style Dog Bed: Add a chic touch to your living room by getting a canine couch for your pet. Available in many shapes and designs for all breeds of dogs.
  • Travel Dog Bed: Ranging from roll-up sleepers to patio beds, travel-friendly bags provide your doggy with a smooth journey experience.

Sleep is very important for your dog’s health for dogs sleep around 12-14 hours a day. And by providing him a comfy bed, you are ensuring he stays happy and sleeps well in his very own bed. So choose your dog the perfect bed for his long term comfort and happiness.

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