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Cats and Dogs: How different they are in Behavior?

Pets, they bring us joy. It is amazing to have a pet. Often people are confused between a cat and a dog. According to studies, it is witnessed that dogs and cats differ in terms of behavior. For instance, dogs love cuddling and hugging their owners whereas, cats hate it when they are given a big hug or are snuggled. Cats are way too territorial and if they are taken away from their environment, they are stressed out and lost. On the other hand, dogs love to go out and quickly adjust to different environment. Dogs are pack animals, who love company of others, whereas cats are more of a loner, who love to spend time alone. So, let’s figure out the differences between cats and dogs considering their behavior.

Power of Seeing

The first and the most important thing is the faculty of vision. Dogs and cats both of them possess amazing qualities in terms of eyesight. The sole reason behind this is that inherit the quality of predators lineage. Although, if you expect them to understand the colors or read a road sign, they will fail at it. But their observation at catching the slightest movement is way too fast. However, cats win some brownie points here due to their tremendous ability to see in far less light. A twitch in the leaves and they can see it on the darkest night. Have you ever witnessed a cat catching a mouse? When the mousies come out and the way they are caught by our little feline friend is too amazing. Cats are sure to win in this area.

Caught a Whiff

Whiff, quality of smelling even the faintest odors. Dogs grab the brownie points in this area because they have enhanced sense of smell and can sniff even the faintest odor. The dog’s ability to grasp the odors is four times higher as compared to cats. This is why in the bomb squads and police departments, dogs are treated as established detectors, used to unveil the evidence because of their superior sniffing skills.

Go Like Lightning

Coming from the feline family, cats have the quickest movements and are natural sprinters. When it comes to short sprints, whoosh cats go like a bullet, but only for a short distance after which they need to rest. When it comes to dogs, some can outrun any cat in an open field. Coming from the wolf family, some of the dogs do sprint and can go upto 60 km/h for quite a fair distance. So in this spectrum, it is a tie between both the animals.

Quality of Fortitude

Considering the schedule of cats, they love to sleep. All they do is eat and sleep. Cats can sleep as much as 16 hours a day and older cats can sleep up to 20 hours a day. Whereas, dogs love playing and have good endurance. A dog that is healthy and fit possess good stamina. They are considered as natural marathoners and have great physical strength. The point goes to dogs in this one, taking the lead.

IQ Quotient

It is often argued that cats are smarter than dogs. When we think about it, on surface level cats possess the intellect as they are able to figure out things on their own, as argued by the cat lovers. But, if we dig deeper and ponder over the facts, dogs are trained to do numerous things such as detect the evidence, taking down criminals, identify fatal tumors, and much more. Many dogs can follow more than 100 words, and a few almost double.  Dogs win in the case of intelligence bearing these facts in mind.


In short, be it a dog or a cat, it all depends on what you prefer as a pet. All of it comes down to the fact that they are to be loved and pampered. After a heavy day, they enable us to take a sigh of relief. Their presence makes the world a better place to live in. Being a pet lover, I can’t imagine a day without my pets. They are a source of sunshine in my life. All my worries are gone in seconds when I am with them. Life without pets is not worth living.

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