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Types of Dog Houses – Indoor and Outdoor Use

Talking about the kind of doghouse, you undoubtedly remember the “Snoopy” cartoon. It was the cute animated dog character who loved sleeping in his nice little dog house.  Pets like to have their personal space, where they can rest and relax. A dog house not only gives your dog a great sense of safety but also protects them from unfavorable weather conditions. With your dog placed in the house, they will rarely get muddled, and feel at home.

Several kinds of dog house are available depending on your pet’s requirements as well as your budget. They come in various shape and style, and made from variety of materials. Primarily dog houses are of two types, fixed or stationary dog houses that are intended to site static in your backyard, and the potable or temporary dog houses that are movable. However, the best quality dog house are the one that are designed keeping in view your dog’s breed and his necessities.

Stationary or Mostly Static Dog Houses

1. Wooden Dog House

Wooden dog houses are the most popular ones, as wood is an excellent material for insulation and relatively cheaper. Also, wood is resistant to decay and requires low maintenance. From the selection of dog houses located outside the house, wooden ones are considered most appropriate. This kind of dog house is also suitable for those living in hot or cold areas. As wood is highly resistant to heat and cold, which makes it pet-friendly.

2. Metal Dog House

Mostly available in rectangular shape, the metal dog houses are generally made of stainless steel or aluminum. As metal is non-chew-able and scratch proof, these dog houses prove to be highly durable and resistant. As a downside, on a hot day, the indoor temperature of the metal dog house can increase and cause discomfort to your pooch.

3. Plastic Dog House

If the dog house made from wood is complicated and dense, then undoubtedly the plastic dog house has advantages over it. The benefits plastic dog house can provide is its lightweight and low maintenance. They are competitively priced and available in various shapes.  Also, they are very suitable for puppies who like to whimper every time they see something.

4. Barrel Dog Houses

As the name implies these dog houses are made from barrel. Dogs naturally loves to relax in a curved holes or shallows that’s the thinking behind the barrel dog houses. A class by itself these dog houses can be made from old wooden wine barrels, plastic or metal barrels. Dog can curl up inside the barrel and conserve the body heat. As they are made from used barrels they are also economic solution.

5. Fiberglass Cave Dog House

Fiberglass cave dog house has a pretty impressive design and distinctive rock-look. Made from durable fiberglass it is to stand in all-weather conditions. Mostly to be placed outside the house environment this dog house is lighter in weight compared to wooden dog house. Although less appealing to some, it is a great option if you are looking for a specious dog house.

Portable or Temporary Dog ​​House

This dog house has its uniqueness of its modern style. And is very popular with people, especially those who follow the times. This kind of canine houses are potable that are easy to fold, and easy to carry anywhere. A collapsible dog house will add to the realistic impression of the house so that the owner can take wherever he or she goes. Also, if you do not have a spacious yard, then temporary dog house is ideal for you.

1. Dog Tents and Inflatable Dog Houses

Dog tents are soft-sided portable shelter, made from waterproof materials. Most of the dog tents are easy to assemble and take apart in minutes. They are lightweight and easy to transport which makes them popular for camping, traveling, and other outdoor pursuits. The inflatable dog house provides higher insulation for cold weather situations and are normally used for high end outdoor camping and sporting gear.

2. Soft-sided Pet Carriers

A soft dog crates are similar to conventional dog crate except that they have soft-sides with nylon mesh instead of metal or plastic. This makes them very light, thus more convenient for transporting a dog. However, these crates are not recommended for chewers and aggressive dogs as they could easily damage the crate.

3. Hard Plastic Pet Carriers

The most popular Potable dog houses, the plastic pet carriers are widely used to carry and transport pets. Unlike soft crates these type of dog carriers are approved by International Air Transport Association (IATA) for airline travel. Also, they can be used as an everyday crate. Usually these carriers have a metal grate locking door, a handle on top to carry, ample ventilation slots on the top and sides and sometime wheels under the cart.


Dog houses have many types and models. However, while making or buying a dog house always give a proper consideration of the material selection and the environmental conditions around your home. Also, never forget to respect your pooch’s requisites, while selecting the perfect dog house for him.

Dogs too want a place to lay their head at the daybreak. Giving them a good dog house will make them happy and they are going to return the affection expressively.

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