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What Exactly, Is a Dog’s Purpose in Our Life?

Dogs were one of the first animals to be domesticated by the primitive man. Since then, they have proved themselves to be worthy of being called “man’s best friend”. Owning a dog is a feeling of bliss, as it can help us in miraculous ways. But, it is also a huge responsibility for being a dog’s owner.

Before making the decision of getting a dog, make sure to thoughtfully consider its true purpose. Based on this, we can make informed decision on, what breed should we get, what should be the age of the dog, what shall be the size of the dog etc. Some of the most common factors that contribute to this resolution are been discussed further.

To begin with, companionship is the most sought after reason. It is a known fact that dogs make an ideal companion from the elderly to the kids. Qualities like loyalty, unconditional love, and sincere attention towards the master are present in abundance in our four-legged friend. They possess all the attributes of a good partner. Thus, perfect for seeking companionship.

Dogs help to maintain good health standards. Research shows, people who own dogs laugh more often. Playing with your puppy for 30-35 minutes daily help reduce the stress levels. It increases the brain’s level of dopamine and serotonin which, are neurotransmitters associated with pleasure and serenity. Canines also help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Kids who grow up with dogs in their homes are less likely to develop allergies, compared to kids who grew without a dog. Doggies serve as one of the best diversions for patients dealing with serious problems like mental trauma. Having a dog as your ally can help in putting off number of medical problems.

Moving on, Security is yet another important motivation behind getting a dog. Your canine can make up for an excellent watchdog. They also make superb service and alert animals. Many unwanted intrusions and potential thefts can be put off by a dog that is watching and guarding from a bay. With such security in place, the owners can sleep at peace. There’s a certain mental comfort that the owner enjoys knowing that his or her dog is watching their back. This reason is seen common for single ladies and families living in isolated location to own a dog. Various breeds such as German Shepherds, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweilers, Akita are considered a good fit in the framework of a watchdog.

In addition, dogs also help in expanding your social circles and let you socialize. For instance, when you take your dog out for a walk, more people are likely to approach you and converse on dog topics or just pat your dog and give compliments. Dogs make you look attractive. They bring in positivity and help shape your personality.

For more than 15,000 years, dogs have demonstrated the qualities of being most loyal, benevolent and committed partners of human. No reason can truly justify the actual feeling of owning a dog.

Bring your fur-baby home and experience it for yourself!!

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